MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — Jackson County commissioners said Blue Springs Park has become a ‘daycare center’ and that’s why unaccompanied minors are no longer allowed.

Commission Chairman Jim Peacock said people drop their kids off and leave.

The new ordinance says anyone 15 or younger cannot go to the park without a legal adult.

Peacock said an incident from a year ago prompted this.

A group of teenagers were apparently being inappropriate at the park.

One of them had a gun and accidentally pulled the trigger.

The chairman believes the adolescent shot himself in the foot.

“The deputies were called. They come out and do their stuff. In the group, they find marijuana and some other stuff,” Peacock said. “So we don’t need that. Blue Springs should be a clean, recreational facility for the family.”

Peacock understands some will find the decision unpopular, but the county is putting safety first.

Blue Springs opens for the summer season the first weekend in June.