PARKER, Fla. — A local business is trying to start rebuilding but a bird’s nest is holding up work.

HBO storage in Parker was set to tear down their building but the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission put a stop to the destruction due to least tern eggs.

The eggs were laid on the top of the building inside of a metal beam.

News13 reached out to the FWC and they released this statement: “The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is aware of the situation regarding rooftop nesting least terns at HBO Storage in Parker. We are working cooperatively with the landowner to address the situation to ensure the best possible outcome for the landowner and the nesting least terns. As always, we are thankful for the partnership with building owners, businesses and the public to protect these vulnerable nesting birds. Rooftop colonies are integral to their conservation in Florida.

Shorebirds and seabirds like least terns traditionally nest on the beach, laying their eggs directly on the sand. However, as quiet and undisturbed areas on our beaches declined, these birds started using gravel rooftops as an alternative area to safely raise their chicks. Today, nearly 80% of Florida’s least terns reside on rooftops when nesting.”

Owners of HBO storage tell News13 they are working hand in hand with FWC to keep the birds safe while also getting their business back up and running.