PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The old saying “Less Is More” couldn’t be truer in this instance.

Fewer wheels on your ride could mean more dollars in your pocket. As gas prices hit historic highs over the summer, more people turned to bikes to save at the pump.

“It’s easier to get out and peddle than it is to get out and put $100 in your truck and try to drive around for a little bit,” Steve’s Bike Shop employee, Rob Swartz, said.

Swartz said he gets at least two to three customers a day asking about E-Bikes so they can cut back on fueling up.

“I’ve sold seven electric bikes last week,” Swartz said. “People are just tired of paying that high of a gas price.”

He said their sales are up across the board.

“I’m selling a lot of baskets for groceries and things of that nature,” Swartz said. “Any way that people can carry things.”

The shop’s repair business has also seen an uptick. Swartz said because more people are getting back into biking, they’re looking to get their bikes road ready once again.

“I’ve been getting a lot of my bikes been sitting outside the house or in the garage since Hurricane Michael and hasn’t been touched and could you make it work for us,” Swartz said.

He said this is the busiest their store has been in years.

“This time last year we didn’t have any bikes on the racks at all and so now that the supply chain issues are clearing up, we’re actually getting bikes,” Swartz said. “This happened just at the right time to supply people with the bikes that they’re looking for right now.”

Gas prices have been on the decline. The average price for a gallon of gas in Florida has dropped below $4 a gallon.