BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — At their Tuesday meeting, Bay County Commissioners approved funding to go toward a beach re-nourishment project at St. Andrews State Park.

County Commissioner Griff Griffitts said they’ve been working with the state park for a couple of years since Hurricane Michael to help with the re-nourishment.

Griffitts said they’ll periodically move sand out of the pass but it hasn’t been a full fledge re-nourishment project in quite some time.

He said they tried to get it included in the last re-nourishment project they just finished but unfortunately, all of the pieces weren’t in place.

But now, they’re ready to get the project started.

“The [Army] Corps of Engineers is ready to start they just needed a little bit of money to get it going,” Griffitts said. “The county is advancing them about $6 million to make sure this project starts and then the county and TDC will be after the state to reimburse that $6.8 million so we’ll be going after the state to recover those costs. We’re very confident we’ll be able to do that.”

The project will cost more than $21 million. Griffitts said they have about $15 million in grant money they also plan to put toward the project.

The re-nourishment should take about a month to complete.