Panama City, Fla. (WMBB) – Bay District Schools officials are getting rid of a title that was once required for new substitute teachers.

Officials said they hope by skipping this step, they will recruit more people and keep those who are already earning their teaching degrees. Officials said the title of the pre-conditional substitute teacher is gone.

On Tuesday, Bay District Schools passed the motion to combine the titles pre-conditional and conditional substitute to just “conditional substitute.”

Employees with a bachelor’s degree hoping to earn their teacher’s certificate will hold this title and salary.

“They’re doing all the jobs of a teacher,” Bill Husfelt, superintendent of Bay District Schools said. “They’re doing everything and so we want to encourage them to continue to do everything and we’ve agreed to pay them back-pay once everything is completed.”

Holly Buchanan, executive director of human resources for Bay District Schools, said the title change comes with a salary change to $25 an hour. The reason for the increase is due in part to teacher shortages. It can also be used as a recruitment tool. Buchanan says right now, teachers with one year of service or 15 years earn the same amount of money.

“We’re hoping we have some more flexibility in raising, apart of negotiation, would be to raise the veteran teacher’s salaries up as well,” Buchanan said.

Once they raise the base salary up to $47,500, they hope to focus more on experienced teachers. She said this does not apply to instructional substitutes who do not have a bachelor’s degree and those who do have a bachelor’s degree but don’t want to teach.

Bay District officials said conditional substitutes receive their temporary certificates pretty fast and then have three years to receive their professional certificate.