BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Since the recent population boom in Bay County, Bay District School officials are answering some hard questions about overcrowding at some schools.

Lynn Haven has been one of the fastest growing cities in the last two decades and shows no sign of letting up.

With new single-family home developments popping up around the city, school officials are worried about the future.

The growth has prompted BDS Superintendent, Bill Husfelt, to present a rezoning plan for the county’s high schools.

The plan significantly affected Mosley High School in Lynn Haven which is already near capacity. Parents were not happy.

“I think parents are a good guide as to whether they’re there’s overcrowding,” said one concerned parent. “I don’t know who’s complaining about the overcrowding, but there are a lot of parents that are loving sending their kids to Mosley.”

But not everyone was against the idea.

“And I would encourage you to vote to approve the advertising of this policy, potential policy change, and then let’s come back another day and air this out some more, discuss more,” said one meeting attendee.

When Husfelt asked board members to advertise the proposal for future discussion, it never went to a vote.

Although the board declined to consider rezoning now, board member Steve Moss, acknowledged the overcrowding issue isn’t going away.

“We have the orders, the building orders that are saying all these single-family homes are being built in there,” Moss said. “And so, it would make sense that we’d be more proactive than reactive in regard to that growth. But the board did not see it the same way I did. And so, if that indeed growth comes, which I think it will be eventually, this board will have to take up rezoning.”

Mosley is currently not available as a “school choice” option for students. You have to live in Mosley’s zone to attend.