CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Callaway man stabbed and killed his mother and then confessed the crime in person to one witness and via text to another, according to court records.

Bay County Sheriff’s deputies wrote that Dikajah Teague stabbed his mother and killed her in her Chipewa Street apartment. He later confessed the crime to a man who had been staying with the victim for the past three weeks because she was scared of her son.

The man, Deitrick Williams, told deputies that he had been on the beach on Sunday and called several times to check in with the victim, who did not answer her phone. When he arrived at her apartment he could not get in. However, Teague showed up and told Williams, “he had done something bad, but did not want Williams to get mad at him.”

He then confessed to the killing. When Williams told Teague he didn’t believe him Teague handed him the key to the apartment and told him to, “go inside and see for yourself,” court records state.

After this confession, Teague left and said he was heading towards Tampa. But before his escape attempt, Teague met with another man at a local gas station. That man later told deputies that Teague was “buggin out.”

Teague also sent the man a series of text messages that suggested that he needed help getting out of town.

“don’t make no scene’; ‘help me bra plz’; ‘dey might find her ah’; and ‘delete dese,” he wrote.

The meaning of the text messages are, at times, difficult to discern. However, investigators said they believe that, “they might find her ah,” referred to Teague’s mother’s body. They added that this: “I di dat fr delete diss,” was a confession to the murder.

Deputies caught Teague in Callaway and arrested him. He denied killing his mother and “refused to believe that his mother was deceased when he was notified,” investigators wrote.

Teague also denied being at her home when she was killed but when asked if his cell phone might have been in the area “he recanted and stated that he may have driven by the residence,” court records state.

Teague is charged with murder. He is scheduled to appear before a judge for the first time Monday afternoon.