BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Bay County Sheriff’s Office wants everyone to have a fun and safe Halloween so they’re sharing some helpful reminders to make sure everyone has a good time.

BCSO Public Information Officer, Ruth Corley, said going over basic stranger danger safety is a top priority.

“Never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle or go with a stranger for any reason, even if they’re dressed up in a really amazing costume and are doing things to attract the attention of the kids,” Corley said.

Corley also said candy safety is a big part of the evening. She suggests avoiding loose, open candy and baked goods — unless you know who it’s coming from and examine it closely.

Corley said the agency also recognizes the fear parents might have over drugs disguised as candy.

Luckily, she said BCSO hasn’t had an issue with tampered candy in recent years.

“I can say that we have never, ever, to the recollection of any of the people who’ve been here 30 plus years of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office hadn’t an incident that no one remembers an incident,” Corley said.

Lastly, for those who are driving this Halloween, Corley urges you to pay extra attention to children crossing the street.

They’re going to be excited, and they don’t if especially if they’re five and six and seven, they’re not thinking about other cars,” Corley said. “So, you have to think for them.”

Corley also wants people to consider costume safety. If something is too long a child could trip on the costume and masks can sometimes be a problem. She recommends face paint or makeup instead.

Corley also urges people to not put a real candle in their Jack-O-Lanterns and instead opt for a battery powered light. She also said you should make sure your decorations aren’t in the way of a clear path for trick-or-treaters.