PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Sheriff’s officials sent out an alert Friday to warn people about a potential issue with using location tracking on their electronic devices.

Deputies warned people against taking the law into their own hands. They say they’ve seen an increase in cases of property owners trying to reclaim stolen property fitted with tracking devices.

With the spread of technology like apple air-tags, it’s easier for people to keep up with their property. Especially if they think it’s been stolen.

“The problem is when these devices are stolen, people start using this locator technology to figure out where they are and it may lead them to a residence to that, in fact, the items are not in that residence,” BCSO Public Information Officer Ruth Corley said.

It’s understood you want to retrieve your property, but going yourself is not the safest option. Deputies said they have seen several issues arise from this behavior.

“Is that you’ve scared the people that may be innocent and inside that residence or you may have actually contacted somebody who has participated in stealing your stuff and you probably shouldn’t do that,” Corley said.

If your items are at the location shown on the tracking system, knocking on the door can put you in danger.

“If you have locator device technology and you think you located where your stuff might be, call us, let us go make contact with that person and make sure that you actually are at the right location, and two if that’s your stuff let’s apprehend that person and arrest them in a safe manner,” Corley said.

Bay County Sheriff’s Office released this alert in hopes of preventing any future issues for the community.

If you need help finding a stolen item, call law enforcement.