Bay District Schools implement new dress code

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PANAMA CITY, FLA. (WMBB) — The Bay District School school board held a meeting on Tuesday, where it finalized the district’s dress code policy.

The policy was in need of finalization, as the old policy was set to expire. If a new dress code was not implemented, the District would have reverted to the Pre-Hurricane Michael dress code, which required tucked-in shirts and belts. 

“It was 12 principals from the elementary, middle, and high schools that got together and said, ‘this is what makes since for Bay District Schools,’” Bay District School Board Chairman Steve Moss said. “And I value their opinions they’re in the trenches, so to speak, every day as principals. They brought these changes back to the board and that’s what we voted on today.”

However, some parents do not agree with the new dress code policy that was implemented.

“In my opinion, I think that the focus of the school board should be educating the kids more rather than some of these policies that we have in place,” Chris Burnham, a parent of three BDS students said. “We need to have the educators educate the kids.”

While Moss said he understands that the policy will not be perfect, he believes most of the district students and parents will appreciate the new dress code. 

“The vast feedback I’ve had from parents, I mean so we’re for it, some against it,” Moss said. “I have a unique perspective. I’m the only board member that has kids in the school system. I’m a parent myself, not only am I a school board member I’m a parent.”

However, Burnham said that he plans to dress his kids how he feels is appropriate, regardless of what the district policy is. 

“When it comes to print designs and things like that, I’ll be sending my kids to school in, you know, what I think is in reason,” Burnham said. “I’m not going to go spend a pile of money on specific clothes and things like that.”

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