PANAMA CITY, FLA. (WMBB) — The Bay District School System is updating a COVID-19 dashboard on its website every Tuesday and Thursday.

As of Tuesday, Bay District Schools have 40 cases and 132 teachers and students in quarantine.

“People want to know, want to know what the numbers are and what you’re doing,” Superintendent Bill Husfelt said. “I can tell you this, the trend continues we quarantine a lot more than actually get it. But that’s safety, an abundance of safety and following the guidelines we’ve been given by the state.”

The dashboard is located under the COVID Updates tab on the Bay District Schools homepage.

The district is only providing data for the district as a whole, rather than school by school. Currently, BDS simply does not have the capacity to provide updated data on each school, Husfelt said.

“We won’t go school by school, we don’t have the ability to maintain and keep up with that,” Husfelt said. “We will continue to do the district-wide.”

Bay District Schools employs one “COVID nurse” who consistently checks in with schools in the district, to collect data for the dashboard.

While school just began on Aug. 10, Bay District Schools’ positivity rate is currently just .1%. 

“It’s .1% rate in the schools but you know whether that’s accurate or not, because we don’t know everyone who gets it,” Husfelt said. “We don’t know how many tests are actually done.”

However, with the Delta variant rising throughout Bay County and the surrounding area, Husfelt felt it was necessary to update parents and the surrounding community biweekly.

“This new variant that’s out here, kids are getting it, it’s obvious they’re getting it. And they’re sharing it with each other, some. But we still haven’t seen a large number of that. There are some schools it’s happening a little bit more than we would like but we’re gonna keep dealing with it. COVID is not going to go away.”