BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — If you’ve received your COVID-19 vaccine, you were given a small card to hold on to.

While you don’t need it to enter certain businesses or participate in certain events in Florida, it is your ticket in, in other states.

So what happens if you lose it?

Most residents here in Bay County said they are not sure what they would do. For David Pridemore, not having that proof is a concern. 

“It is you know I’m hearing more and more about you can’t go on a cruise, you can’t go on a certain flight, there’s going to be a lot of restrictions so yeah that makes me pretty worried,” Pridemore said.

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Joe Scully, the Bay County Health Department Public Information officer said you can call any local health department and they have every vaccinated person on one database. 

“If you were vaccinated anywhere in the state of Florida the record of your vaccine goes into what is called Florida shots,” Scully said. “That is the statewide immunization database.”

The Florida shots website is not available to the general public so if you are in need of this information your best bet is to call the health department directly.

However, Scully said they won’t give you another square shape card. Instead they’ll print out a paper copy of your records.

But first they’ll need proof of your identity.

“You will fill that consent form out and then you will have to return proof of your driver’s license passport something like that to prove who you are before we can issue a new shot record for you,” Scully said.

He said it doesn’t matter which provider or pharmacy gave you the shot, every COVID-19 vaccination has been recorded into their state database.