TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (WMBB) — A group of local seventh graders had a special learning opportunity on Monday.

A civics class at Tyndall Academy hosted a mock trial that they’ve been preparing for, for over a month. The class was learning about the difference between criminal and civil trials.

A Bay District Schools police officer, Larry Dickey, teamed up with the civics teacher to give the students a real-life experience.

The class staged a burglary and went through an investigation, interrogation, arrest and a jury trial. Classmates worked together to pull off the event and learn during the process.

“It teaches them, number one, about the law and how everything works,” Officer Dickey said. “Number two, it also teaches them how to come together as a team, how teamwork works, how to deliberate, how to do several different things and life skills that they’re going to have to have when they eventually move on.”

Officer Dickey said the mock trial process went smoothly.

He hopes that when these students are in the eighth grade next year, they can take their knowledge and mentor younger kids about the mock trial process.