BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– “Pain is not fun, but is good.”

That’s how Bay County Fire Inspector, Cory Welch, describes his physical therapy.

It all started on June 11th for Welch, who in his spare time works with the Panama City Radio Club. It’s been a passion project for Welch for thirty years.

Welch and several members of the club went to take down an antenna tower at a property located off Highway 388.

A seemingly normal day, until Welch said the unthinkable happened.

“For some reason the tower started to fall down with me on it at 30 feet high.”

He has no memory of the impact but recalls waking up in the emergency room.

“My wife, my doctor and my pastor were there luckily, and then they loaded me up on a helicopter to go to Pensacola,” he said.

Welch suffered fractures to his hip, pelvis, elbow, thumb and knee all of which required surgery. He also had a large gash on his face that almost took out his eye.

Despite the devastating injuries, Welch still considers himself lucky to be alive.

“I could be without an eye right now, or I could be looking a little different right now.”

Welch has been recovering at St. Andrews in-patient rehabilitation center in Panama City, and is working hard towards a full recovery.

Yet through the pain, Welch keeps a positive attitude. He said his family, co-workers, and caretakers have provided tremendous support, but it’s his faith that’s been his rock.

“My faith is truly from God. He has provided all my needs.”

The 62-year-old father and grandfather, refuses to let his immobility be an obstacle. He’s still answering calls for Bay County Emergency Services and assisting in any way he can on his phone or laptop.

Welch has full intentions of returning to work at the county as soon as he can.

Most of all, he hopes his pain can serve as an inspiration to others going through hard times.

“I know he has a plan. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”