BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County Commissioners approved a $3 million contract to extend Titus Road an additional mile, from County Road 2321 South to Highway 390.

Bay County Commissioner Doug Moore said the project is necessary because of the growth along the 390 corridor.

“This was looked at as a way to alleviate traffic flow and be able to allow people to move,” Moore said. “With all the development that has been going on in that area, it’s just another avenue for us to alleviate traffic concerns for the citizens in the area.”

One of the biggest contributing factors to the congestion is school traffic, especially at North Bay Haven Charter Academy.

North Bay Haven Chief Education Officer Larry Bolinger said he is thrilled to eventually have another means of entrance to the school.

“Right now the only two entrances and exits that we have are on 390, and we all know how congested it is almost any time of the day,” Bolinger said. “So it will certainly help us and the school and we can reroute some of our traffic and days and times and I think it really will alleviate traffic here.”

New residential developments in that area will also benefit from the road extension, and Titus Road may be only the beginning.

County planners are considering another possible project that will connect the new Titus extension to Mill Bayou Boulevard.

County officials said construction on the Titus Road connector should begin in the next 30 to 60 days and will take less than a year to complete.