PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMMB) — Halloween is only 13 days away and Bay County Animal Control shared some tips to keep your pet safe.

Bay County Animal Control said to keep human treats away from your pet, especially chocolate and sugar-free candies.

Make sure your pets have some form of identification in case they get loose or run away.

Halloween decorations can cause accidents also. Open flames, wires, and noises are all things to be aware of.

Bay County Animal Control said some pets might be more anxious during Halloween so keep your pets in a safe concluded place.

“Just take their mind off what’s going on,” said Bay County Animal Control Division Manager Kathy Beatson. “They have a favorite toy or there’s something that, you know, that they really like, some kind of squeaky toy maybe that they like, but you don’t give it to them all the time because it kind of makes you crazy. That’s a great time to give it to them and let them have a blast with it because you already have a lot of things going on.”

Bay County Animal Control said for those pets who enjoy wearing pet costumes, to be cautious on how long the pet wears the costumes.