PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Three Bay High School students are facing charges for a brutal fight in the school’s gymnasium.

The brawl happened Tuesday afternoon , with dozens of students watching.

Many took videos of the fight on their cellphones and posted them on social media, but we don’t have permission from those students to share the videos with you.

From what News 13 saw in the video, the attack was violent.

According to reports released from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office, one student suffered a concussion and a deep cut that required stitches after he was punched and kicked. Deputies wrote that the student who was seriously injured was not an aggressor in the fight.

Another student was minorly injured.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office is investigating Tuesday’s altercation.

Deputies arrested Elton Rumph, 18, for his involvement in the fight. He is charged with aggravated battery, which is a felony. He’s also charged with battery.

Deputies also arrested two juveniles for their involvement in the altercation. Their names were not released by officials. One of those students was charged with a felony and the other student was charged with two misdemeanors.

Bay District School officials are also investigating but not commenting on the incident at this time.

Bay High School Principal Billy May addressed the altercation on Facebook Tuesday afternoon.

He said administrators are investigating and those responsible will face disciplinary measures.

May also said administrators were made aware of a staff member who made some insensitive comments while trying to defuse the situation. He said human resources staff are investigating.