BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – The Juvenile Justice Courthouse will be back in operation within the next 18 months but in a different location.

In February, commissioners approved plans to build a new juvenile facility attached to the regular courthouse campus.

Hurricane Michael heavily damaged the current Juvenile Courthouse on East 11th Street, and the federal government rejected it as a site for a new federal courthouse.

So the county plans to sell it. They will use the proceeds from that sale to help pay for the new $12 million facility.

Chairman Robert Carroll said it will be more convenient for residents and staff to operate out of one building.

“We had some initial pricing that made us want to put it back on the street and that was a risk because construction costs are escalating but fortunately the construction costs came in better than they anticipated so now we’ve chosen a contractor and we are getting this thing off the ground,” Carroll said. “It’s fully permitted and we are ready to proceed.”

The contractor, Culpepper Construction Company, is scheduled to start work on the new wing in the next two months.