SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — The Springfield Police Department is getting a much-needed upgrade.

New body cameras are in the works for the department, as they’ve had the same ones since 2017.

“The ones we currently have are no longer tech-supported, so if they break, they go bad,” Springfield Police Chief Barry Roberts said. “We can’t just get them repaired or fixed, so what we’re doing is we’re updating our cameras. We have 27 body cameras. Every full-time officer has one, including our investigators. They all wear them every day.”

On Tuesday, commissioners approved almost $89,000 for the police department to buy state-of-the-art body cameras.

“We hate to ask for money at this point because we do have some construction projects going on, but this is a necessity for our guys,” Chief Roberts said. “It’s an insurance policy for the citizen. It’s an insurance policy for the employee. It’s a necessity. It captures so much evidence when you’re on a crime scene anyway or you’re conducting an investigation that they are really imperative in today’s law enforcement times.”

The cameras will be the most up-to-date cams the company has out.

“Technology changes every day… These are going to be better cameras, more sturdy for when they’re running or getting into arguments or fights or whatever,” Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond said. “The storage capability will be in the cloud instead of having to transcribe them, put them on disks, and all of that. It’s quicker.”

Mayor Hammond said the proposal didn’t take much convincing for the commission.

“Over the years, everybody’s seen that it’s a very important asset,” he said. “It gets us out of a lot of trouble as far as accusations or something that somebody’s claiming… You pull the cam up and it’s a totally different picture. It’s a good safety issue.”

The body cams will be a budgeted item when the city works on their budget in October.