SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — Springfield residents may soon have a decrease in their home insurance premiums.

The city’s fire department was recently able to drastically improve their ISO score, an important insurance rating.

“We dropped to a three, which is huge dropping three points,” Springfield Fire Chief Brian Eddins said. “Usually, when people drop, they drop maybe one point, two points. But three points is pretty significant.”

Nationwide, the most common ISO rating is a five. Chief Eddins said earning a three was a long time coming.

“That’s one of the things me and the mayor talked over when he hired me on is he wanted to improve on the rating, so that’s one of the first things I did was start getting the paperwork together that we needed,” he said. “The training, the maintenance of the trucks and our response times. Got all that down to get to a three.”

ISO grades city fire departments on documentation, equipment, community outreach, pre-fire plans for commercial structures, fire hydrant maintenance and more.

“We’ve really stepped up our game with our record-keeping, not only just performing the work accurately but making sure our records are accurate as well,” Springfield Fire Engineer Wesley Adams said. “Those things coupled together are really a huge benefit to improvements.”

Chief Eddins said he’s proud of his team for persevering through difficulties in recent years.

“That’s what makes it special, too, is these guys, just going through what they went through during the hurricane, during COVID,” Chief Eddins said. “They keep fighting and fighting and fighting and come back and we got a three. I couldn’t ask for better people than I have.”

The city plans to post a letter regarding the ISO rating on their website for residents to show their insurance companies starting on November 1 so residents can start getting lower insurance premiums.