SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — In a Monday night meeting, Springfield Mayor Ralph Hammond announced the city can expect construction to begin on a large development soon.

Tallahassee home-builder Premier Fine Homes is working to purchase 328 acres in Springfield.

The development will be for both single-family and multi-family residences, as well as commercial.

The mixed-use project will be located between Tram Road and 11th Street, east of Tyndall Pkwy, near the Callaway Walmart and Gary’s Oyster Shack.

Hammond said he is excited to see the ripple effect from this kind of growth.

“You’ve got more families paying into the fire assessment, which goes along with our ad valorem, which gives you more money for the fire department so it can grow,” Hammond said. “The ad valorem cost goes up which means we can possibly lower our ad valorem because we have more revenue coming in.”

The development will feature several thousand units, which should result in a huge population influx.

Hammond said the project will be mostly military and workforce housing and will accommodate incoming Tyndall personnel as well as provide more affordable housing for local working families.

Hammond said the positive impact of the growth cannot be understated.

“We’ve got a lot of retirees, a lot of senior citizens on fixed income; you hate to go up on taxes with them,” Hammond said. “They work their life and when they did retire, it was good money, but now it ain’t good money so growth is really essential to help everybody in the community.”

Hammond said the developer is currently working with the landowner and expects the deal to close sometime in March.

Once work begins, the project should take between three to four years to complete.