BAY COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) – Spring break rules for the unincorporated areas of Panama City Beach are now similar to those inside city limits.

County commissioners hope this will make things easier for law enforcement. The board passed three new ordinances to keep locals and visitors safe during future spring break seasons. 

The first will stop drinking and parties in parking lots unless you have a permit. 

The second will also cut down on speaker noise, If it’s too disruptive you will face fines.

And the third ordinance affects motor scooter rental hours. Those will be cut back, discouraging disruptive behavior. Commissioner Griff Griffits said the new rules are very similar to those already in place inside city limits.

“Make sure that our ordinance mirror that of Panama City Beach,” Griffits said. “There is an imaginary line out there in the county and the city and nobody really knows that. So this is easier for us to have the same type of laws in the books so law enforcement can enforce them all equally.”

The new rules go into effect immediately. For more on those changes visit the Bay County Government website.