BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – Governor DeSantis passed an updated Clean Air Act at the end of June, that included a new law for local governments in Florida.

It says public beaches and parks are now allowed to ban smoking.

Although it’s now allowed, Bay County officials say they do not feel like they need to put a ban into effect immediately.

Communications Director of Bay County Valerie Sale offered News 13 this quote,

“Banning smoking on the beaches, at the county pier, and at Rick Seltzer Park is not something Bay County is considering at this time. The beaches are very open and expansive and people are generally fairly responsible about distancing themselves from those who may not share their affinity for tobacco.”

However, most visitors spoken with on the beaches Wednesday afternoon think a ban is a great idea.

“I think that it kind of helps the family-friendly environment you know people come out here to vacation and you know Panama City is obviously a big vacation beach so I think that it would help out a lot,” said beach visitor Jacob Barwick.

or some say maybe there should be exceptions, other beach goers said, “it would be better if there were areas, like designated areas, for people who want to smoke on the beach and areas where you can go if you don’t want to be around it.”

Other day-trippers said just cigarettes should be banned.

“I feel like smoking should because the smell it can annoy people a little bit who are having a good time with family, but like vaping it honestly smells good, so I don’t really see a reason to ban that.”

A smoking ban may be something to take seriously because it would reduce pollution on the ground, in the gulf, and in the air.

Ultimately it will be up to government officials to pursue smoke-free life for beachgoers.