LAGUNA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Gulf World Marine Institute released another sea turtle back into the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday.

Horton the loggerhead was rescued by Gulf World last summer after it was found floating sideways in the water.

The sea turtle was also extremely lethargic.

Gulf World veterinarians said it was an uphill battle at first getting Horton back in good health, and it lost weight for quite a few weeks before getting better.

“We had to treat him super carefully to make sure we didn’t injure him further,” Gulf World Marine Institute Stranding Coordinator Lauren Albrittain said. “But with repeated antibiotics, a lot of TLC, meaning good food, very attentive care, and medical checks regularly, eventually he gained his appetite back, he was swimming better.”

This was the last locally stranded turtle Gulf World had so this will likely be the last release for a while.

If you do encounter a sick or stranded marine animal, reach out to the Gulf World Marine Institute at (850) 234-5271.