PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay District School officials are urging parents to sign-up for the Parent Portal if they haven’t already.

Officials said it’s crucial to make sure your contact information is updated as well. It’s the school district’s main source for reaching parents not only during emergencies but other important educational matters.

School officials said less than 30% of their student’s parents are signed up for the Parent Portal.

Recently a principal had to rush a student to the hospital because the school didn’t have updated contact information from the child’s parents.

“They were unable to reach a parent while all of this was going on,” Bay District School’s Director of Communication, Sharon Michalik said. “The ambulance was called and the school principal ended up riding the ambulance to the hospital with the student because obviously, we’re not going to send that child alone. It was a couple of hours before we were able to connect with a parent, which is terrifying for the parent.”

Parent Portal is more than just a resource during emergencies.

It’s the district’s main communications channel to relay information about student attendance, grades, events, field trips, paperwork, policy changes, and more.

“We put out as much information as we can through Parent Portal,” Michalik said. “If we need parents to fill out an application for a special program or those kinds of things. That’s all located in that one easy place on Parent Portal.”

Parents who aren’t familiar with the site can visit their child’s school where administrators will walk them through the steps. You can sign up here for Bay District School’s Parent Portal.