BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Ever since Hurricane Michael, stormwater and flooding has been hard to manage for many areas, like East Callaway Heights.

The community relies on drainage ditches to carry excess water to a nearby canal, but neighbors say those ditches are overgrown and instead of taking water away, it is bringing it to their doorstep.

Resident, Tim King said, “If you look at the ditches where you got all these flowers growing, that tells you that they aren’t being cleaned, the lily pads, if you got blooms growing on lily pads, that means they haven’t been trimmed in a while. So get somebody out here and go to work on cleaning these ditches out.”

King added he and his neighbors have reached out to Bay County commissioners and gone to meetings. Each time they ask for help, they say don’t get any answers.

“When you talk to the county… it’s the same thing, they say, ‘There’s nowhere for the water to go to,’ and then when we talk to the commissioner, they say, ‘Oh, I have an engineer coming out there to look at it to see what can be done,’ He never showed up. He took my number down and said I’ll call you when we come. My phone hasn’t rung yet,” said King.

On Monday, county officials said they still hold to their statement from last year, saying “the neighborhood is located within a FEMA floodplain, and they do not permit cutting ditches in wetlands to drain properties.”

King contends the county saying that they should still clean out the ditches.

“I’m tired of hearing excuses that there’s nowhere for it to go… Google Earth shows there is. You just gotta do it,” said King.