BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some local residents who said they are concerned about a new road project in Panama City Beach spoke up Thursday night.

They’ve heard the third phase of the Philip Griffitts Senior Parkway will run right through their neighborhoods. Bay County leaders say that is not the case.

“The end goal is a northern roadway that the citizens of Bay County, who live north of Panama City Beach Parkway can access shopping and school without having to get on the parkway. The parkway is very congested, as we all know. We have more than 80,000 cars a day on the roadway during the summer months. As we go into Memorial Day this weekend, the parkway is going to be congested.” said Bay County Chief Infrastructure Officer Keith Bryant.

The road, which currently runs from Highway 79 to Nautilus Drive, will eventually run all the way east to the county’s sports complex.         

The current plans call for Griffitts Parkway to run past Breakfast Point and Colony Club.

Several dozen people, mostly from the Breakfast Point community gathered a the Lyndell Conference Center Thursday night.

“It’s going to be right in our backyard, according to their survey, until they actually solve the whole extension from Chip Seal (Parkway) all the way to the second phase of Philip Griffitt’s which they haven’t addressed in this. This is only a short phase three. I don’t see where it’s going to alleviate the traffic” said John Brannon, a Breakfast Point resident.

The parkway will be a 2-lane, 5.1-mile roadway.

Bay County received a Florida Department of Transportation grant for $4 million of that amount.

“We know that this will be a reliever roadway to the north to help people get from point A to point B without getting on the parkway. This is kind of a long process. It’s going to take us a few years to do this study. The next phases are not yet funded for construction, so just be patient. We are working on it.” said Keith Bryant.

In fact, the county doesn’t have the money for buying right-of-way or construction for phases 3 or 4.

Some residents say they don’t see the point.

“The problem is going to get worse and clear on the numbers, which is the whole problem with that beach. As it is they’re going to make that worse as far as change I just don’t think that this phase three is going to solve, you know, what the overall issue is. I think it’s going to create some more issues,” said John O’Mera, a Breakfast Point resident.

Griffitts Parkway phase three is scheduled to run from North Clara Avenue to Chip Seal Parkway.