PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — The State of Florida gave the City of Parker a piece of property, and city council members accepted it on Tuesday.

The state owned the property on the corner of Highway 22A and Highway 98 in Parker.

Most of the vegetation and trees on the lot were destroyed during Hurricane Michael. There were concerns of dead trees falling and creating a liability for the city.

Mayor Andrew Kelly said Florida decided they no longer needed the property and gave it to the city free of charge.

He said the property will be cleared and turned into a nice, maintained green lawn space— and also for water retention.

“If you think about this and look at the big picture, that’s cleaned up, the sidewalk’s been cleaned up by the state already this past 14 days… The property across the street’s being sold and we’ve got a new business coming in there,” Mayor Kelly said. “So as we work our way around that corner, that whole intersection will be all brand new, eventually.”

City council members voted unanimously to accept the piece of property— which is almost two-thirds of an acre.

The city will pay to have it cleaned up and have the trees taken down starting on Wednesday.