PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — The city of Parker is enjoying some new-found curb appeal.

City council members received complaints about the appearance of the city’s equipment yard on Business 98.

They discussed putting up wooden fencing, but they ruled that out due to high costs and unreliability during a hurricane.

So the residents decided to do something about it.

Five of the residents donated more than $3,000 to put jasmine plants around the perimeter of the yard.

Over 20 residents showed up on Saturday to plant them on the city property.

“I think that if we could do this often, it would make the city much more pretty than it does,” Mayor Andrew Kelly said. “I’m hoping as time goes by and we get the remainder of these derelict houses bulldozed that we’re able to see new construction. With new construction, we’ll see more of this happening throughout the city. They did a great job.”

The residents said they planted jasmines so the leaves would grow up the side of the wire fencing, along with the flowers setting off a nice scent.

Mayor Kelly said the city is thankful for the residents who donated their time and money to make Parker more beautiful.