PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Parker city officials are facing a lawsuit over the Donalson Point boat ramp and lift station.

The lift station handles all of the sewage for the 51 homes in that neighborhood, but one homeowner argues the public boat ramp and lift station are built on their private property.

News 13 first reported on this issue 10 months ago, but the homeowner said it began back in the 1950s when the neighborhood was first built.

The Donaldson Point homeowner said when the developers first built the neighborhood, they set aside a portion of the land as a private park for their use.

Some years later, Parker city officials built a lift station on the land and added a boat launch.

One of the 51 property owners said the city had no right to build on that property and sued the city of Parker over the issue on April 4.

Some of the resident complaints from August include the city’s cost of maintaining property they do not even own.

Last year, Mayor Andrew Kelly stated the city will continue to foot the bill for the property, even though the city doesn’t own it.

“We’d continue to pay the taxes, we’d buy the insurance policy,” he said. “We would maintain the dock, we would maintain most importantly the lift station.”

Parker is fighting the lawsuit.

The city attorney filed a motion to dismiss, claiming it doesn’t name anyone else who would have an interest in the outcome of the case, like other residents.

The motion also argues if the city abandons the lift station, sewage would back up into the Donalson Point houses.

“We need to ensure that this piece of equipment is taken care of,” Mayor Kelly said in August. “I’m not gonna give in on the lift station. We have to get control of that.”

During Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Mayor Kelly declined to comment on the issue, citing the pending legal case.