PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Parker residents may finally get some relief from a chronic flooding problem.

Parker leaders have negotiated with the land owner of a property near the Cheri Lane Townhomes since May.

However, the flooding problems at Cheri Lane have been going on for decades.

“For the last 30 years, we used to pump it out with the fire engine probably three times a year because it’s built in a bowl,” Parker Mayor Andrew Kelly said. “It’s in a basin.”

Since May, Mayor Kelly said he’s wanted the council to get on board with purchasing a piece of land near the neighborhood.

After council approval, they started the negotiations at $15,000, but the land owner didn’t accept. The city then agreed to put up $25,000 for the property— and they got it.

There are plans in place to help the decades-long flooding issues in the area.

“That is going to be great because we’ll be able to dig that out, use the dirt that we take out of there in the sports complex and help retention for the Cheri Lane townhomes, which is always a problem,” Mayor Kelly said. “That will help them immensely.”

After consulting with the city’s public works director, the mayor said he felt comfortable spending a little extra money in order to secure that piece of land.

Mayor Kelly said the price was worth knowing that these residents can hopefully forget about serious flooding issues.

“The least I can do is try to put a retention pond in there for them, but on average, it used to flood twice a year and we would have to pump it out because the water literally got to the doorknobs on the apartments in there,” he said. “I just feel bad for the folks that have bought them and not known what happens.”

The mayor said the next step is for City Attorney Tim Sloan to close on the property.