PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Parker city leaders have decided who they want to hire as the city’s next fire chief.

Council members chose Christopher Hatch of Escambia County during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Hatch said he was 16 years old when he started with the Escambia County Fire rescue as a volunteer. He said he was working as a firefighter for the navy for 36 years while volunteering with Escambia County for almost 40 years.

During his interview Monday, Hatch said he’s looking forward to moving to Bay County, but was worried about finding affordable housing.

“A lot depends on the salary and finding a place to live,” Hatch said. “Everything over here is very, very, very, very expensive. I’ve been looking for the last, well, since [Mayor Kelly] and I talked the first time.”

Hatch said he and his wife plan to keep the house they own in Escambia County. Parker is offering Hatch a $50,000 salary, which he plans to negotiate when the council discusses next year’s budget.

Mayor Andrew Kelly said he plans to formally offer Hatch the job Wednesday.