PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Parker city officials continued the conversation about loosening restrictions on golf carts in city limits.

Council members and residents on both sides of the issue stated their cases during a special meeting Wednesday morning.

“You wouldn’t let your kids ride out there in your car, so why would you let them on a golf cart,” Mayor Andrew Kelly said.

Last month, Mayor Kelly said hundreds of residents expressed interest in allowing golf carts on city streets. However, right now, he’s not totally on board.

Florida law allows drivers 14 years and older can drive golf carts on designated roadways, but Mayor Kelly believes that is too young.

“I just think that the potential for children operating a vehicle on the road is dangerous,” he said. “I think the potential is high for somebody to get hurt.”

Community members point out residents already drive carts illegally on Parker roads.

“I think it’s possible that we’ve been lucky that nothing bad has happened, and we should always err on the side of caution,” Mayor Kelly said.

The city is also seeking advice from Florida Highway Patrol.

“We want to encourage Parker and we want to encourage the citizens, if you do move forward with this, to utilize the handouts and the education information by making sure the golf carts have seat belts, turn signals, brake lights, windshields, rearview mirrors,” Lieutenant Jason King said. “All the things that are required basically on a motor vehicle.”

Lt. King said FHP would support the city’s decision but encourage drivers to use due care.

“Especially with gas prices like they are, golf carts are nice to use around our local communities and the beaches, so it’s kind of two-fold,” he said. “Enjoy yourself, but do it cautiously and be safe.”

The city attorney is drafting a new ordinance, raising the age to 16 with a valid driver’s license, to be considered at the council meeting on June 7.