PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Conversations have started about what’s next for the Parker sports complex.

At Tuesday night’s city council meeting, leaders and community members discussed the future of the complex.

The original complex was destroyed by Hurricane Michael in 2018. It was later used as a staging area for the fallen trees in Parker after the storm.

Three years later, Mayor Andrew Kelly said the city has received almost $477,000 from an insurance settlement to put towards the rebuilding of the park.

However, the city is facing some financial speed bumps.

Mayor Kelly says FEMA will reimburse for the rebuilding of the complex like it was the way before the storm, but some community members want more than what was in the original park.

The extra costs would come out of the city’s pocket.

“I am not willing to go in debt,” Mayor Kelly said. “My objective is to spend inside the parameters of our income, and as our income grows, then we need to look at other projects in the future.”

Another consideration: time.

The city has to complete the project by October 1 of next year to get the FEMA reimbursement.

Council members hope to vote on a plan at their next meeting on November 2.