PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — The City of Parker is gearing up to save hundreds of thousands of dollars for future projects.

Mayor Andrew Kelly announced at Tuesday night’s city council meeting that they purchased a new excavator.

The mayor said the machinery cost $45,000, but he said it’s worth it.

The new excavator acquired by the City of Parker.

The city has to run a new water line in the process of rebuilding its sports complex. That project would have cost the city almost $150,000.

However, with this new investment, they’ll be able to complete this project— and take care of other dilapidated buildings in the city at the same time.

“Code enforcement magistrate has been hearing a lot of cases… a lot of these houses have been empty for over two years, destroyed over two years,” Mayor Kelly said. “I’m of the opinion we need to get them gone because without them being gone, we can’t rebuild and put new houses.”

The new excavator was presented to the public and the public works director by the mayor Wednesday morning.