PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The futures of 15 local children have become a lot brighter today. They were adopted today during a special ceremony before National Adoption Day on November 18th.

“My family adopted my son out of the foster care system here at Circuit 14, this has been a passion of my family and a passion of our agency and so as I look at their face, I see that day that sigh of relief,” Twin Oaks Community Services Executive Director Jeff McSpaddin said.

Twin Oaks Community Services helped make this day possible for these families.

“The theme being ‘Written in the stars speaks to the destiny and so these kids have gone through some tough times and the families have gone through some tough times, but ultimately, it was meant to be that this was meant to be their story that they didn’t realize and our families didn’t realize it but it was ‘Written in the Stars’ for them to be in the homes and in the families that they’re in today,” McSpaddin said.

In 2022 Kiana Bourgeois lost her sister, and on Tuesday she adopted her niece and nephew.

“They didn’t really have a whole lot of stability for the first couple of years of their lives, My niece is now three, my nephew is almost two. so today just means like we close the chapter of the in and out, the unsure where they’re going to be, and also kind of like a closing of the pain that my sister left behind and letting myself and the kids know, we are a family and she’ll never be forgotten,” Bourgeois said.

McSpaddin said there is a dire need for continued support every day.

“We have kids in foster care throughout the county, and we have kids and foster parents who need support as well, so if you have any desire or any inkling that you want to be part of this process, just give us a call and we can point in the right direction,” McSpaddin said.

Twins Oaks is hopeful they will have helped 100 children be adopted by the end of this year. Click here to get involved or learn more about Twin Oaks.