PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The end of the Panama City Marina, known as the T-dock, has for all intents and purposes been closed to the public since Hurricane Michael.

Gates blocking the T-dock at the Panama City Marina will soon be coming down.

“We won’t have construction fences, but we are going to have temporary black fencing that will be lower than what this construction fencing has been so people can still fish off the side and we’ll be adding and improving the green space out here for people to enjoy,” Panama City Commissioner Jenna Haligas said.

The T-dock is an area many locals have been anxiously waiting to use again.

“Some things have gone quicker and some things have gone slower and it’s been annoying for everyone who lives in the city, the slower it takes so I just hope this is just another flag planted in the ground that says we’re growing, we’re getting back bigger and better,” Haligas said.

However, the city will continue to restrict public access to one section of the Marina until the fall because of nesting shorebirds. All construction is being completed by the city, which is saving money.

“Because it’s in-house, these are people who are already getting paid a salary or hourly to work out here so that keeps it very cost-effective,” Haligas said.

City officials said over the next few months the T-dock may be temporarily closed for construction reasons.

The current marina plans call for additional improvements to the dock, extending the promenade, new docks, and a ship store. The new city commission will have to propose and approve any additional marina development.