PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — In Historic St. Andrews, a parking study is under final review after a public feedback session last week.

According to consultants for the City of Panama City, the neighborhood is expected to grow, and parking is a growing concern.

“I’m excited that we have a parking issue because if you have a parking issue, you’ve got things happening in St. Andrews,” said Panama City Commissioner, Mike Nichols. “Our consultants told us that in 2035 we’ll need an additional 1500 parking spaces.”

Nichols said the estimate came as part of an extensive study on the parking situation in St. Andrews, which collected 267 survey responses from the neighborhood. 

According to the study, people want to see more public parking available in St. Andrews; Nichols said the city is working to address that.

“Step one, we’ll be looking at our ordinances,” he explained. “Step two is to go ahead with the parking lots that we have or the properties that we have and put parking in those locations.”

He said they’ll be looking at paving the city owned lots at 12th and 13th Streets; in the future, if more space is needed, a parking garage will be considered at a lot off of 12th Street and Chestnut Avenue. He said paid public parking is also being considered.

“That money that’s raised from that helps expand that parking, that public parking area, so businesses can grow without having the requirement of parking,” Nichols said.

The study is being finalized with the feedback from a public information session on April 15th. In the meantime, he said they’ll look at making city parking ordinances more flexible, and proceeding with paving the city-owned lots. 

View the full presentation below: