PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Less than six months into his tenure, Panama City Mayor Michael Rohan spoke to residents directly Monday morning at his “Meet the Mayor” event.

Topics included public comments at commission meetings and the proposed multi-use path on West Beach Dr.

Last month, the commission changed its procedure during meetings, allowing public comments at the beginning and end of meetings. As a result, some residents argue their grievances fall on deaf ears.

“I just don’t see an opportunity for any feedback whatsoever,” said one resident.

Rohan said he hopes those with pressing issues can be able to present their cases to the commission for longer than the standard, 3-minute period.

Rohan also voiced support for those petitioning the multi-use path on West Beach Dr.

“I don’t think we have to measure progress in the state of Florida by how much we can pave,” said Rohan, “I say, just leave it alone. These people bought these houses and they bought the houses with the intent of owning them and owning that piece of Beach Drive for as long as they live.”

For Panama City to receive the State Department of Transportation funding for the multi-use path, it must be completed by December 2025.