PANAMA CITY Fla. (WMBB) – Kings Point residents will now have the option to use the City of Panama City’s water and sewer lines. 

Panama City commissioners approved a state grant Tuesday to transition the Kings Point, Pretty Bayou areas from septic tanks to the city’s sewer system. 

Panama City City Manager Mark McQueen said joining in on the statewide septic to sewer transition will benefit the city and its residents.

“This is a good news story for our citizens because we will be able to more effectively use the city’s services, they’ll have access to the city’s services with water and sewer,” McQueen said.

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The $3.2 million grant will pay to extend the city’s current water and sewer lines to homes along 27th Street and Kings Road. 

McQueen said it will create a backbone for the transition. Right now almost every king’s point resident uses a septic tank. The change will not only improve their utilities but improve the environment too. 

“The objective is to try to increase the quality of the state waters that we have,” McQueen said. “So in terms of increasing the health of the bay and the canals and the bayous, this is an important program for our citizens and certainly for our county.”

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McQueen said residents in the Kings Point area will not be forced to make the switch. It will be completely their choice to choose if they stay with the septic tanks or switch to the city’s sewer lines.

Tammi Terrell has lived in Kings Point for five years. She feels sticking with septic will be best for her family.

“Well I would probably stay with a septic because it doesn’t cost me any money and we use a ton of water,” Terrell said. “We have a pool, we just take a lot of showers, we just use a lot of water.”

Terrell is glad the city is giving residents options to pick what is best for their lifestyle.

The project is going through the final engineering stage. City leaders hope to put it out for bid by July.