PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Panama City business owner is trying to find out who vandalized his property on Tuesday night.

Roberto Price, the owner of “Prices Right Roofing Inc.,” said on Tuesday night around 7 o’clock, someone ripped his two Donald Trump banners off the side of his building and set one on fire.

A nearby neighbor called the Panama City Police Department and Price when he saw the fire. The neighbor’s surveillance camera showed two people running away from the business.

“It was burning right there next to my building,” Price said. “Which is right next to a propane tank. So in the summer, it would’ve been real bad. It could’ve spread over to the propane tank and blown up the building.”

By Wednesday morning, Price had already replaced the burned flag.

“I put one a little smaller so that it’s harder to reach, and the other Trump sign I have, I put it up right where it belonged because I have the right to put something on it without anyone messing with my building,” Price said.

He filed a police report, and the case is under investigation.