PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A nightclub in Panama City is shutting its doors, according to a Wednesday afternoon Facebook post.

In the post on social media, Club Vibez said they are closing down after two years of business due to “the unlawful targeting by law enforcement and the abuse of the news outlets.”

The club also claims with “unexplainable reasoning, we were forced to shut down our business by the City.”

The Panama City Police Department said five people were arrested and eight people are wanted after a “riot” broke out at the nightclub last week.

Investigators said they were not contacted by club management or witnesses at the scene that night. PCPD’s Street Crimes Unit found posts about the riot through social media.

However, the Vibez Facebook post states that police were aware of the incident as it happened.

“This was an unfortunate bar fight and law enforcement was on scene as the fight was taking place (the time-stamped video footage in Vibez’ possession proves it),” the Facebook post states. “Vibez’ security team handled the situation, charges were not pressed by Vibez or the patrons, those involved were banned from Vibez, and the situation was over, at least that’s what was believed.”

Also, Panama City Beach Police said crowds from Vibez were reportedly involved in the March beach riots.

“The City of Panama City and the Panama City Police Department have recently asked Vibez to shut down,” the post states. “And, with the very recent targeting, it is clear that the City of Panama City and law enforcement are focused on shutting Vibez down, no matter the cost and no matter who is hurt with the false allegations and mistruths.”

Panama City police officials said Wednesday that they had no comment about the post or the closure of Vibez.

The City of Panama City released the following statement:

“The City of Panama City has never targeted Vibez nor required the business to close. We remain committed to working closely with all businesses to ensure the safety and security of our citizens and visitors,” City of Panama City Manager Mark McQueen said.