PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Panama City officials said they are continuing to work on the lights along the Hathaway Bridge.

Officials said they began working to replace 56 light bulbs on the east end flyover and the bridge.

The city’s logistics team also say they had to replace some ballasts, fuses and wiring.

However, Panama City Public Works Director Jonathan Hayes said the city has run into additional problems in the past couple of weeks.

Some factors are even causing multiple light fixtures to be completely replaced.

“A lot of it’s due to just the age of those lights now… That bridge was redone about 20 years ago,” Hayes said. “It’s been through a pretty severe hurricane, as well as a number of tropical storms and just the standard Florida summer weather. As they inspected each one of those lights, they saw that there were some issues starting to surface with some of the fixtures.”

Hayes said the city plans to look for similar light fixtures to the ones already on the flyover, as the originals are no longer being made.

However, due to supply chain issues, the city is not sure when they will be able to purchase new ones.