PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — March is recognized as Youth Art Month, and banners all across Panama City showcase the work of young artists here in town.

The Council for Art Education said it encourages support for quality art programs in schools.

Bay High School art and photography instructor Amanda Hunt said she’s thrilled to see the work of such young prodigies.

“These students that have been working so hard can show off their art skills, and they get free banners… I mean, it’s just such a great opportunity,” Hunt said. “They can put it on their artist resume. It’s really motivating them, I think, and really encouraging them to pursue art because it’s being taken seriously in this town.”

The banners are in celebration of Youth Art Month, and the City of Panama City enters its second year in a row taking part in this recognition.

“The City of Panama City wants to highlight all of our youth and all of our artists overall, but because it’s Youth Art Appreciation Month, we want to make sure that we give them that platform that they, them, their families and the local community and see how amazing they are.”

One of those young local artists is Bay High student Gwendolyn Hunt.

“I like the expression of art, and I like the aesthetics that you can make with it and how you can make your own world,” she said. “It’s just a form that you can express yourself through.”

Instructor Hunt said it’s important for students, along with the community, to value and appreciate art.

“Art is everywhere and we’ve gotta keep it going,” she said. “It’s a great outlet for many, and it inspires people, it helps create new ideas. I think they enjoy it, and we’re very fortunate for this town we live in, how beautiful it is. It’s such an inspiration to live here.”

Residents can view this month’s banners on Panama City roadways, along with Oak Grove Park and Oakland Terrace Park.