Over $100,000 in baseball cards stolen from Panama City memorabilia store

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Early Thursday morning four individuals broke into Instant Replay Sports Card on Highway 231.  

During the 2 and a half minutes the individuals were in the store co-owner Bobby Bearden said they stole nearly $150,000 worth of memorabilia.

While some of the stolen items were worth upwards of 7,000 dollars, Bearden said others are so rare they may be irreplaceable. 

“It was a lot of Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron’s. A lot of Willie Mays rookie cards,” Instant Replay Card Store co-owner Bobby Bearden said. “ A lot of Pete Rose and  Hank Aaron rookies. All of his rookie cards were in there. The top shelf was almost all rookie cards, mostly all graded. There was a whole row of Mickey Mantle on the bottom pretty much his whole career.”

Bearden said sports memorabilia stores being broken into is becoming a growing trend. 

Shortly after police responded to Instant Replay security cameras caught a similar group of individuals breaking into another local sports memorabilia store on Panama City Beach.