PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — After 14 months of construction and creativity, a new art-filled Airbnb has hit the market in Panama City.

January Johnson is one of the oldest Airbnb hosts in the area. Her newest addition to her list of homes is the Bside by Floriopolis two-bedroom, one-bathroom home.

Johnson and her team worked hard to put together the perfect Airbnb in the St. Andrews area with new air conditioning, new windows, a water heater, and more.

The best part is over 15 local artists played a part in the design process.

“I just think that this place really reflects the character of St Andrews,” Johnson said. “There’s something from almost every merchant on Beck Avenue in here. There’s a bunch of local art, reproductions of local art here, and it’s bringing all the amazing murals and things that are around town inside and making it an Airbnb experience.”

Johnson said she told her designers she wanted the house to look like a box of Crayola crayons and she did not want it to look beachy. She is excited about the outcome.

“I think this is the prettiest, smartest baby that ever lived, I understand what people feel like when they have a kid and they just are so partial to it, I think,” Johnson said. “I mean, it’s magical. It’s a magical space.”

For more information about the vacation rental, you can visit their social media sites @betteratbside.