PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Anticipation continues to build as movie fans prepare for the opening of the new Regal Theater on West 23rd Street.

Crews mounted the large marquee at the theater’s entrance Friday. The corporate officials are still not commenting much about the plans.

Some new signage gives a good indication of what you can expect. It will be a totally immersive cinematic experience with 4D-X motion seats and environmental effects to engage the audience’s senses, making them feel a part of the movie.

The screens have also been expanded with Screen-X for panoramic views and side-wall projections.

The theater will also offer the Regal Unlimited Pass for $21.99 a month, you can go to the movies as often as you want.

The opening day hasn’t been announced, but the theater is already hiring staff so it should be soon.