PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The closed Los Antojitos restaurant is a defendant in a civil lawsuit after a patron allegedly left the establishment inebriated and crashed into 58-year-old Robert “Kent” Greene.

On January 4th, 41-year-old Vanessa Moore ran a red light on 19th and Beck, T-boning Greene.

Greene suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of the crash. He is rendered quadriplegic and requires 24-hour care.

“He’s the one that when his family has a get-together, they wait on him to get there. And so it’s been an adjustment for everybody because they call him and want to talk to him and he can’t. And we keep trying to get him to do more and be more. He can’t,” said Kathy Greene, Kent’s wife.

On March 22nd, Greene’s attorney filed a civil suit against both Moore and Los Antojitos. They claim that the establishment knowingly served alcohol to Moore, a known alcoholic, and didn’t cut her off.

“They could have taken away your keys. They could have gotten them an Uber. They could have done what they were supposed to do initially was recognized that she should have never been served in the first place. But instead, they turned their back on their community. They turned their back on your community or Kent or Kathy on the whole family. And it is their fault that Vanessa Moore then got in her car, drunkenly ran through a red light, and crashed into Kent,” said Adam Finkel, an attorney at Haggard Law Firm representing the Greene family.

On July 7th, Moore was arrested and charged with D.U.I causing serious bodily injuries. She is still facing criminal charges.

On July 24th, Tapa Properties closed Los Antojitos, citing personnel issues. They’ve shown no signs of a possible reopening.