PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A popular Panama City food truck just got a major upgrade.

Less than two years ago, ‘El Weirdo’ was born.

The truck sat in the alley behind ‘History Class Brewing Company’ and made a name for itself going around to different events in Bay County.

But now, the taco joint has laid permanent roots, with its own brick-and-mortar building in downtown Panama City.

“It definitely seems a little unreal,” co-manager Seth Carpenter said. “Whenever I heard we were trying to get it done before the new year, it was hard but we got it done. It’s a huge upgrade from just a food truck. We’re still using the food truck. It’s just a kitchen. So outputting all the food and everything is crazy hectic, but we’re doing it.”

Carpenter has been with ‘El Weirdo’ since it started.

He said it’s unreal to see the community rally behind an oddball’s paradise.

“We wanted a place totally off the wall; full of art, color, anything to look at, but the real goal was to have somewhere in the community where everyone feels welcome,” Carpenter said. “You know, Anyone that’s a weirdo or, you know, someone that does anything that’s vibrant, you know, just somewhere for the community to really be able to show off what they’ve got.”

The quirky ‘tacopub’ serves up Mexican fusion food like tacos and nachos, as well as a variety of craft beers.

Carpenter said the next goal is to have ‘El Weirdo’s permanent home incorporated into events that happen in downtown Panama City.

“Now it’s going to be really kicking in entertainment and events and stuff, partnering up with other local businesses, Destination PC and everything and we really get this art culture in the community rolling and branched out to everyone,” Carpenter said.

‘El Weirdo’s new permanent location sits at 24 Oak Avenue.