PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — It’s not often Panhandle residents see below-freezing temperatures, so it’s important they make sure their homes are prepared to deal with it.

Over at Whitehead Plumbing in Panama City, officials said to pay extra attention to the running water in your home.

Still water freezes more easily, so it’s best to keep at least one sink trickling water throughout the freeze. The sink furthest away from your water meter is the best to choose.

However, Whitehead Plumbing Owner Jay Trumbull said they’re expecting the most problems to come from a pretty new piece of equipment for many home and business owners.

“Since the Department of Environmental Protection has required that people who have city irrigation systems have backflow preventers, I think we’re going to see some issues with that,” Trumbull said. “Get prepared and cover those things as best as possible. Take a blanket, and lay it over top of that. You can even take a spotlight and put it up underneath there if you want to add some extra heat.”

Trumbull said another option to cover your backflow preventer is to put a trashcan on top of it.

He said to strive to cover all exposed pipes around your home.

Water conditioning systems are also at risk of bursting. Insulate those and any other spigots.